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Conference Scope



This workshop is the international research meeting point for e-voting experts from different disciplines: Computer Scientists (security, usability, availability, software engineering), Lawyers, Sociologist and Politicians.



The aim of this Workshop is to bring together e-voting specialists in order to discuss ….

  • all forms of E-Voting (including but not limited to polling station, mobile voting, kiosk or remote voting by electronic means)
  • the role of identity and identification for E-Voting systems
  •  profiling aspects
  •  role of commercial voting systems; are commercial identity management systems suitable for e-voting?
  • threats: identity frauds/theft, privacy issues
  • usability and accessibility issues (both for voters and for administrators)
  •   legal issues
  •  design and analysis of E-Voting schemes and protocols, their deployment and lifecycle concerns
  • security requirements, formal analysis and evaluation of electronic voting schemes and systems
  • concrete issues, like necessity of verifiability/digital receipts problems/anonymous channel in practise
  • interdisciplinary issues involved (link between identity and digital identity and E-Voting )


  •  interrelationship with and the effects of E-Voting on democratic institutions and processes as well as voter behaviour
  • social and political analysis of the effects of electronic voting
  • new ways of solving the voting paradigm of unequivocal identification of the voter and full anonymity of the vote